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Christmas Icons Customising your desktop, website or digital Christmas cards has never been easier. The range of Chrissie icons found below is wide, varied and full of Xmas vitality.

Name: 3D Xmas Icon Collection
File Size: 388 KB
Author: The Penniless Prophet
Includes: Original, hand made Christmas icons by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. Includes 61 3D glass assorted icons. Happy Holidays!
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Name: Santa Icons
File Size: 127 KB
Includes: 80 differant Santa icons. Some have transparent backgrounds, some have white, black and blue backgrounds. Hope ya like them!
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Name: Christmas Icons and Bullets
File Size: 1 KB/icon
Includes: Use these icons to decorate your web pages for Christmas. They are shown here actual size so just right click on the icon to save it to your PC.
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Name: Christmas Icons
File Size: 1 KB/icon
Author: Juan Manzano from 'IconsTree'
Includes: Finally you can complete your christmas theme with this new icons. I will give you more surprises soon for this christmas so come back often to download my cursors or new icons.
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